Our Platform

Personal Responsibility
Individuals and families are responsible for their behavior. Public policy should encourage and empower their efforts to provide for their own health, safety, education, moral fortitude and personal wealth.

Limited Government
Federal, state and local governments should be transparent and limited to their respective roles, in accordance with the Tenth Amendment. The size of government, government regulations, and entitlement and transfer programs, should be limited to essential, inherently governmental functions.

Peace Through Strength and the Rule of Law
National security, national sovereignty, public safety, the right of self-defense, the rule of constitutional and statutory law, and civil justice should be preserved without excessive burdens to civil liberty.

Lower Taxes
Individuals, families and the government should be responsible in their spending. Taxpayers expect the government to be efficient and avoid waste with their money. The State should only collect taxes to fund legitimate government functions. Government taxes and fees should be limited to essential, inherently-governmental functions and not for the forced redistribution of wealth, or disproportionate advantages for targeted interest groups.

Right to Bear Arms
We uphold the right of individuals to keep and bear arms, a right, which antedated the Constitution and was solemnly confirmed by the Second Amendment.

Family Integrity and the American Moral Tradition
Traditional American families should be encouraged and supported by policies to nurture strong marriages consisting of one man and one woman, to support moral values, and to create, control and maintain their individual wealth with minimal interference from government. We acknowledge the immutable biological reality of, and the differences between, the two sexes, male and female, as well as their unique and complementary functions, to be the foundation for natural human life.

Quality Education
Parents should have the right to rear and educate their children according to high standards of character and quality, with minimal government interference. Parents are ultimately responsible for their family’s education and should be able to choose among traditional, charter, home school, on-line, private, or other alternative schools. School children should not be restricted in their rights to voluntary prayer, religious expression, and acknowledgement of God, the American flag, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

Legislative Integrity
Legislators should lead through personal moral integrity, and should consider this Platform responsibly before supporting or opposing legislation.